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13 November 1985
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Want to know about me? I'm 22, I work in a really groovy library and I spend too much time watching DVDs.

My latest obsession is the West Wing, but I also love my House & Grey's Anatomy. I roleplay in the Harry Potter fandom (Hannah Abbott & Glenda Chittock) and turn out the occasional fic.

All of my newer works will go on my website, McJossed.

I have 3 cats, I love to buy books, and I get overly emotional about TV characters.

I ship all sorts of weird and wonderful pairings, especially crossover ones. Josh/Donna makes my heart pitter-patter though. For angst, I prefer House/Cuddy.

I recently started learning burlesque dancing, and I think it's the kind of thing I could be a total smash at.

Laura ecstace owns me and provides me with RP crack on a regular basis. I wonder how many times I can fit crack into a sentence? Crack. Crack, crack crack crack crack.

I'm going to be a superstar.

I've recently curbed my drinking, and I usually prefer a good meal to getting wasted. I enjoy films; Mamma Mia was a surprise favourite.

I read fantasy (my favourite books are the Kushiel's Legacy series, the Dresden Files and the Daughter of the Empire series), and have an impressive collection of books on paganism, wicca & tarot. I'm pagan to the core and I love to read about it. I've been getting back into it lately, and doing pathworking with Tarot, which is really amazing.

I like to play computer games from time to time (when I can be pried off the internet), Morrowind and NOLF 2 are excellent and I'm addicted to Sims 2 - my imminent computer upgrade will make it easier.

I'm into girls and guys, and I tend to fall for authority figures. Since they're usually either completely unattainable or too awkward to ask (as in, it would haunt my career prospects in the department forever) I get a lot of emotional nourishment from my pet fictional characters.

Questions? Buzz me on AIM and ask: xXAbbys GalXx

And, last but not least, ownsyourass (Lisa Cuddy) with ecstace's amazing, wonderful Dr House in the (mostly) one-on-one gpthenewblack (Off a comment by Craig - that gluteal possession is the new black).

My gorgeous Lisa Edelstein header is by iwant_sprinkles/little_b0xes, as is my moodtheme. Her work seriously rocks my worlds, so if you're a House fan (especially a House/Cuddy 'shipper) you should definitely check it out.

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